Illustrating Resources, Energy and Agriculture Presentation

Are energy resources or agriculture topic of your presentation? Illustrating natural and alternative energy operations, or food production flowcharts can be challenging. Especially when you rely on images from the standard sets of clip art. There’s lack of consistent symbols set that would cover in detail all types of resources, energy and agriculture. 

To help out with representing various kinds of resources we use, we designed a series of PowerPoint charts and symbols which can easily be added to presentation slides. Ranging from power production, mining, gas transporting, forestry, to fishery or agriculture industry, check below what you can find there.


Using Energy Icons to Enhance PowerPoint Charts

Sitting on a presentation you surely noticed that looking at next and next default chart gets boring pretty soon. To keep attention, it’s good to vary the look of your presentation. You can enhance the look of standard charts quickly by adding a specific energy or agriculture commodity icon next to data bar chart. Or illustrating food production flowchart process by pictures.

Show energy consumption or create an outstanding chart to show the gross value added at producer prices (concerning agriculture as in the example).

flow chart pie chart natural resources agriculture pptBesides adding the icons to PowerPoint slide, you can use them also in other documents – eBooks, Excel sheets, also Keynote, Prezi and other tools. For MS Office apps a simple copy & paste of the data chart or symbols will work. For other tools (Canva, Prezi..) saving icons as an image and adding them as a picture will do the work too.


See this mini step by step illustrations uncovering the charts enhanced by the icons:


What’s inside the resources, energy and agriculture icons set?

The set contains over modern, flat symbols which are all presented as editable vector artwork. The icons are completely customizable. You can choose colors to correspond with your brand, the color scheme and layout of your presentation, or create natural-looking icons with numerous colors. All symbols, charts and diagrams are editable vector artwork, so you can adjust them as needed, using standard PowerPoint tools. And they remain razor sharp also if you resize them, unlike bitmap pictures.

Energy icons collection consists of:

Resources, energy and agriculture icon collection is a part of wider industries icons bundle, which contains various industry segments pictograms.

Set contains ccons for visualizing economical and industry-specific topics. All symbols are as clipart pictures – fully editable in PowerPoint.

See Industries Icons Collection

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