How to Present Flexibility on a Slide [concept visualization]

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A few tips on how to express visually the idea of flexibility in a presentation – for example showing that your company is dynamic or your solution is adaptable.

This concept appears pretty often over various corporate slideshows, market analysis reports but also in soft-skills contexts such as giving feedback training presentations.

The question is how to illustrate this flexibility concept in a presented document? Especially if you don’t have much space left, as usually happens ;)?

Well, we’d suggest representing the idea of something adaptable or flexible by a simple pictogram. You can use the most common symbols or go further and try to be more creative.

Modern Style, Neutral Symbols for Flexibility

flexibility icon flat simple pptAbove are icon examples from our style neutral flat icons collection. You can find there a bunch of ideas for flexibility, for instance:

Alternatively, you can try a quite different style:

Creative Style Hand-made Flexibility Symbols

flexibility icon creative scribble powerpoint

Similar to our modern collection, our creative style presentation diagrams rely on the symbolism of flexibility being interpreted as:

  • metal spring icon
  • paper plane showing innovation and adaptability
  • cycle symbols representing a change process
  • a bicycle as a metaphor of very adaptable transport
  • again automotive pictogram to represent a fast way to move around
  • creative brain icon – only by thinking we can invent new ideas, change the course of our life
  • arrow pictogram representing a dynamics process
  • bulb symbol of an invention or an image of a creative person icon

Our hand drawn symbols have a less formal tone that creates a more personal connection with an audience.

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How to get a specific concept icon for your PowerPoint presentation?

To get access to editable PowerPoint icons from those examples, consider an infoDiagram subscription access to PPT graphics. With a subscription, you can access all the symbols in our PowerPoint icons library, with a few thousands of symbols. We are regularly adding new ones.

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