How to Present a Product Idea [concept visualization]

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Managers of all kind use a word Product pretty everywhere. Especially the Product Managers :). If you’re about to present a product, it’s better to speak pictures, not only words. However what picture to use if your product is an abstract one? Or non-existing yet? We share a few ideas on how you can represent a generalized product or service on your presentation slides.

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Various product cases require various graphics

There are two cases you can experience:

  • if you already have a real product, then it’s easy. You can add an image of it on your slide, so your audience sees what you talk about. You can show a specific feature, you can get a professional photographer to focus on particular details.
  • if there is no product picture available: What to do if you do only a preliminary market research? Or you have a product that is hard to show, some kind of online virtual product or consultancy service? In case you are presenting a new product, doing a kind of product launch, then you still need a proper presentation. A product presentation is about sharing your product ideas with the world, pitching it in front of executives, buyers or investors.

To make your presentation visual and hence more engaging and memorable, we recommend illustrating your product description with some interesting symbols.

Depending on your presentation style you can choose various types of product symbols.

Modern Style, Neutral Symbols for Product
product flat simple icon

Above we suggest several icon examples from our style neutral flat icons collection. Use them to make your product presentation more visual. Having a vector icon gives you another advantage – you can easily recolor them to make them your own, to fit your brand style.

Here’s an index of product icon ideas (click on a name below to see the source icon collection):

Creative Style Hand-made Product Symbols

product icon hand drawn scribble

If you want to be more creative, use hand drawn symbols for showing your product idea. See the specific visual ideas below:

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