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5 Ideas for Writing Eye-Catching Title for Your Presentation

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If you don’t hook your audience from the first seconds you start your presentation, you will lose them until the end. Check this blog for ideas on how to write an eye-catching title for your next presentation.

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One of the first things your audience sees in the first 5 seconds of your presentation is the title. They usually have an idea of what your presentation is going to be about before you even show up.

Awesome presentations start with catchy titles, which appeal to the audience. Your listeners will judge if your presentation is interesting and clicks with them or not based on your title. So if you really want people to listen to you, you need an eye-catching title for your PowerPoint presentation. Keep reading the article below and find out how you can nail it when you create your next presentation title.

How to Write an Eye-Catching Title for PPT Presentation

1. Promise relevant benefits

People become interested in your presentation when they discover from the title that they might find the answer to their questions. The “how-to” titles will always work if you want to influence people and convince them that you really have the solution to their problems. You don’t even need too many words when you create such titles. You will offer them the benefits from the title and make them curious to hear more about what you have to say.

Post Pandemic Business Recovery Plan powerpoint

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2. Come up with a story

When you decide to use such a title, it is very important that your presentation includes examples. This is a title that asks for real-life examples. You can even share a personal story and thus create an emotional connection with your audience. What is more, when you use these titles, you should always add some adjectives to A and B to add even more emotion to your eye-catching title.

eye-catching title personal story ppt

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3. Make your audience curious

When you are invited to make a speech, this means that you have something important to say. This is why you should make the most out of it. However, if you want to keep your audience engaged until the end, you should grow the suspense gradually and make them curious.

In the example below, you can see how we used a big ribbon on the left to focus on the text and icons while making the background more subtle. You can use this technique to make sure the text is readable when you have many colors on the background picture.

How to Make Coronavirus Infographics Using PowerPoint

People will always want to hear what’s new on the market. Use your presentation title to provoke interest and make them curious about the latest trends.

4. Use numbers in front of your title

Let’s do a simple exercise of the imagination. Which title seems more interesting to you? “Critical concepts to teaching mathematics” or “Five critical concepts to teaching mathematics”? Even if you are an expert in mathematics, wouldn’t you be curious to find out which of those five critical concepts you could use to teach mathematics? If you wonder which is the “magical” number you should use, the answer is pretty simple.

eye-catching title numbers for powerpoint

Depending on how big your presentation is, you can decide which is the number of benefits or methods you want to talk about. Usually, three is the “magical” number as it allows you to go into details and show your audience that you have a really solid case in your presentation. It is always better to go deep, rather than wide.

5. Tell your audience what to do

Creating a headline with a command in it doesn’t mean that you will scare your audience and lose them. On the contrary, people need guidance and they are interested in presentations where they find out how to do things better.

In Conclusion

First impressions always matter. Your title is the first impression you create for your presentation. Therefore, your title should convince your audience from the moment they read the agenda that your presentation is worth attending. Build curiosity and keep them in suspense until the end of the presentation.

Your title will also help you be more credible and show your audience that you are an expert in your field. Moreover, don’t forget to keep your titles short and concise. You should also take care to run a grammar check with the assistance of an AI tool to make sure that there aren’t any errors in your title. This is how you will help your audience to get the main idea and wait anxiously to hear more during the presentation.

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