Presenting Crisis in a Presentation

Presenting Crisis in a Presentation [concept visualization]

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Need to show danger, stress, conflict, financial or global crisis? Usually, negative ideas are illustrated with trends going down or exclamation marks, and we are going to show you in this blog that crisis concept can be presented with much more creative graphics!

Using a simple icon of a storm to show a crisis can be too obvious. Try to get creative – look at our Crisis concept outline icons! We cannot control the crisis, but we know how to respond to it visually. 

Modern elegant outline symbols for presenting crisis concept

Crisis concept icons symbols modern outline for PowerPoint

Above we suggest some variants of outline crisis symbols, which you can easily apply to any kind of presentation:

  • ambulance car illustrating the urgent care in a crisis situation 
  • timeline fluctuation showing financial data in the crisis period 
  • an icon of danger sign highlighting crisis, urgent situation  
  • empty power battery as a sign of an urgent crisis situation or reaction  
  • general pictograms highlighting the crisis situation: broken gears icon, fishbone expressing the starving situation at crisis time
  • male figures confronting crisis period in their relations 
  • dollar and sack of money signs as a symbol of the financial crisis
  • pins as metaphor highlighting the problem-solving situation in the crisis period 
  • time-limit icon representing a crisis deadline period 

Design-neutral flat crisis concept icons

Crisis concept icons symbols design-neutral flat for PowerPoint

Those are icons designed with simplicity in mind. Such crisis symbols can add an impact to your topic without distracting from the clarity of your message. Below we suggest some flat icon you can use:

 Emotions list of crisis icons

Crisis concept icons symbols emotion list for PowerPoint

Do you want to create a more informal crisis presentation or do you want to make a strong visual impact? With the help of emotion icons you will definitely show personal touch:

Creative unique hand drawn crisis concept icons collection

Crisis concept icons symbols creative unique for PowerPoint

You can also consider hand drawn scribble symbols and handcrafted sketchnoting icons. Those are sketch-inspired graphical symbols that are perfect for adding a creative look to your slides. Using a smooth scribble style you can add a consistent look without sacrificing playfulness. Symbols you can use include:

We hope you find some inspiration from those icon ideas to express the concept of crisis. What’s your biggest presentation challenge? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be happy to share our quick design advice 🙂

More concept icons ideas

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