Illustrating Engagement in a Presentation

Illustrating Engagement in a Presentation [concept visualization]

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Social, employee, or customer engagement. Do you need to talk about any engagement concept topics? Visuals tell a story better than bold text and help you engage more readers.   

Engagement is quite an abstract concept to present. But an important one to communicate properly. The more engaged employees, customers, team-members are, the more work they’ll put forth.

Expressing the engagement concept ideas with outline simple style

Engagement concept icons symbols outline for PowerPoint

Above we suggest several icon examples from our elegant outline icons collection. Use them to make your presentation more engaged:

  • male/female figure presenting his/her engagement speech
  • two figures as an example of interpersonal communication: idea changing, speaking, and understanding
  • general engagement symbol illustrated with thumbs up
  • male/female figure highlighting the process of employee engagement trends
  • group of people or team as a part of engagement employee extent 
  • group of male/female figures showing how to engage the audience during the presentation
  • male/female figure with a rocket icon showing his/her position in a team
  • teaching process depicted with male/female figures with the notebook

Design-neutral engagement concept graphics

Engagement concept icons symbols flat for PowerPoint

Above are icon examples in a modern flat style, that fits any slide style:

Creative unique hand-drawn engagement icons collection

Engagement concept icons symbols scribble for PowerPoint

If you want to be more creative and personal, use hand drawn symbols for showing the engagement ideas. See the specific visuals below:

  • male/female figure engage in different actions: talking, cooperating, expressing emotions, coordinating 
  • a paper plane expressing the interesting creative project 
  • cursor sign symbolizing clicking 
  • cell phone with a finger tipping the screen expressing touch action 

We hope you will find some inspiration from those icon ideas to express the concept of engagement. What’s your biggest presentation challenge? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be happy to share our quick design advice.

If you like the suggested icons, you can get them from infoDiagram library. The best way to get them is by joining subscription access to PPT graphics here. It will allow you to download these symbols, and graphics from any presentation deck you find on the website.

More concept icons ideas

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