How To Show Solution in a Presentation [concept visualization]

How to Illustrate Solution Idea in a Presentation [concept visualization]

Are you about to present several possible solutions to your team or clients? Read this article to get some creative ideas on how to express the solution concept visually. Visuals will help you convey a message in a simple yet visually impactful way.

The idea of a solution appears quite often in business presentations: you may want to show the problem that was solved, illustrate good and bad decisions, or visualize the problem-solving process.

If you want to save time and avoid hours spent on searching for the right graphics, use stylish and catchy icons. Below we suggest several symbol ideas and you can choose which one fits best to your presentation context.

Expressing the solution concept with outline symbols

Solution concept icons symbols outline for PowerPoint

Above you can see several icon examples in outline style. Such symbols won’t steal the attention from the slide content, but will focus audience’s attention on important points:

  • male/female head with cog icon and mind symbols illustrating the brainstorming process of creating solutions
  • strategy arrows as a way of finding a solution using strategic thinking
  • lightbulb and key pictograms as universal solution metaphors
  • puzzle graphics: in this case symbolizing challenges and confusion while problem-solving
  • documents with checkmark depicting the solved task
  • unlocked lock emphasizing that the problem is already solved

Style neutral visual solution concept metaphors 

Solution concept icons symbols universal for PowerPoint

Here we suggest more visualization ideas in universal simple style. Some ideas you can consider:

  • game strategy symbol expressing a problem-solving idea 
  • lightbulb, key and unlocked lock signs
  • a completed checklist sign as a metaphor of acceptance and solved task
  • Swiss knife as a sign of a universal solution that can be used in different situations
  • puzzles put together representing harmony, solution and overcoming challenges

Illustrating solution concept ideas with creative graphics

Solution concept icons symbols creative for PowerPoint

If you want to be more creative and personal, use hand drawn symbols for presenting the solution principles. See the specific visual ideas below:

  • Venn diagram circles overlapping each other as a symbol of finding compromise and a common solution 
  • gears and wrench icons illustrating the “engineering solution”  for technicals problems
  • chemical beaver glass graphics literally expressing a “solution”  or idea of making a cure – “medical mixture”
  • male/female figure with gear icon showing the process of producing new solutions 

Colorful symbols to express solution idea

Solution concept icons colorful symbols for PowerPoint

If you have more room for creativity, but dance flat designs, use these colorful icons to create engaging slides. Here are several examples you can use:

  • smart solution or brainstorming expressed by two lightbulbs
  • a financial solution as a jigsaw puzzle with a dollar sign on it
  • a creative solution as a male/female head with puzzle signs 
  • marketing solution showed with a shopping bag and colorful cogs

We hope our icon ideas inspire you to create more visual and therefore engaging presentation.

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More concept icons ideas

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