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Use Visual Metaphors to Illustrate Sustainability [concept visualization]

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Do you need to talk about environment, nature & civilization coexistence or you’re explaining what sustainability is? Whether you’re presenting on climate-changing topics or discussing sustainability principles, types, and core pillars, it is important to present these concepts effectively and use the right images to convey your message. The sustainability concept can be tough to illustrate, as you need to outline many abstract ideas. Get inspired by our visualization ideas and make your next speech impactful!

In the light of climate change, the sustainability concept became relevant more than ever. Companies and individuals are trying to change the way they live and do business by turning into more sustainable and green ways of transportation, shopping, using technology, adapting, CSR models, logistics, and office organization to new realities. If you need to discuss one of these topics on your next zoom meeting (which happen quite often these days, don’t they? 🙂 ) or make a report on how your team or company is accommodating new principles, read on to see how you can take your presentations to the next level.

Flat or creative graphics will help you create memorable slides. Here you’ll find our favorite symbol ideas and you can choose which one fits best to your presentation context.

Use flat and outline visual metaphors for illustrating sustainability concept

sustainability concept powerpoint outline icons
Sustainability flat icons powerpoint presentation ppt

Modern, universal sustainability concept visual metaphor icons help to make visual slides. They can effectively express ideas in an eye-catching way. Outline icons are clean and visually consistent tools that will improve presentations. Enrich your slides with one of those symbols to make them more attractive:

  • hand & earth or planet icons are an intuitive visual metaphor for caring about earth, environment, ecology
  • tree & city joint symbol symbolize nature and civilization coexistence
  • hand & leaves can represent ecology, while gear & leaves green technologies usage
  • a wind power plant or fan is excellent for showing renewable energy
  • home & leaves can be used when you talk about sustainable architecture
  • use lightbulb & leaves to show sustainable energy
  • Venn circles and yin yang balance sign represent interconnection and harmony of global sustainability (environmental, social, economic)
  • telescope/lunette can help you when focusing on long-term thinking and results of today’s actions

Try hand-drawn visual metaphors to present sustainability concept in a creative way

Sustainability concept scribble powerpoint icons

If you want to design an outstanding presentation with a personal touch, adding hand-drawn symbols is a great idea:

  • hand & earth can illustrate caring about earth, environment, ecology
  • tree & house as nature & civilization coexistence and balance metaphor
  • Venn circles can support your idea of interconnection/harmony of global sustainability
  • recycling sign to show environmental sustainability
  • fruits and vegetables as a more sustainable vegetarian food type

We hope our concept visualization ideas have inspired you. We created this blog in the hopes it would make your next sustainability or climate-related presentation go more smoothly.

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Present abstract concepts easily and impress your audience

Do you present big concepts like this regularly? We know it can be difficult to translate abstract ideas into easy-to-read slides. That is why we have created guides for presenting a variety of concepts using visual metaphor ideas. Check out our Concept Visualization Master List blog post if you need fresh concept illustration ideas.

If you need to explain and present global warming effects, illustrate climate change risks or persuade your company to take actions towards a more sustainable zero-emission economy, check our Climate Change Impacts & Business Actions graphics collection. If you are working in an NGO or educational institution, or you have a really good cause, let us know. We will gladly share this free of charge.

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