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Illustrating Requirement Idea on a Slide [concept visualization]

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Do you need to present a concept of a certain requirement, condition or demand specification in your document? Here are several ideas of symbols you can use to illustrate that abstract concept in one picture.

Line style symbols of expressing the requirement concept

If this light style graphics fits your presentation content, you can consider using one of those metaphors and pictures:

requirement concept powerpoint line icons ppt
  • Icons of a person with resume – expressing an HR recruiting requirements of competencies and qualifications of a candidate
  • Speech bubble sign a metaphor of having a request or specific demand
  • Bullseye icon to show a specific well-defined requirement goal
  • Calendar, timer for deadline usually connected with a time-constrained requirement
  • Checklists, documents pictures for the written form of requirement
  • For technical requirement, you can show it by the icon of a paper sheet with a gears sign on it

Those symbols mentioned above can be found inside a collection of Outline Icons for PowerPoint, designed by our team.

Ideas for hand-drawn symbols of a requirement concept

If you can afford to be more personal in your presentation materials, try using those scribble pictograms:

requirement concept icons creative hand drawn powerpoint
  • Todo list showing a request or status of fulfilled requirements
  • Pin or Compass sign for expressing directions that a requirement sets
  • Magnifying glass illustrating details of a requirement
  • Calendar icon showing the due date when a requirement should be implemented
  • Gears as a symbol of technical requirements.

You can find those visuals in the Scribble PowerPoint symbols collection

Requirement expressed by a simple flat icon

Finally, a bunch of ideas on how to visualize a change request using flat icons. These symbols are pretty universal and are recognizable also if their size is small.

demand requirement concept powerpoint line icons ppt

Ideas covered by those icons include:

  • A stopwatch for the requirement deadline
  • Clipboard for request documentation
  • Money icon for financial requirements
  • The diamond symbol for quality requirements
  • Magnifying glass as a symbol of detailed conditions description
  • Cogs icon for the technical type of requirements

These icons are part of the Simple Flat PPT Icons Library present on our website.

Whatever style is closest for presentation, it’s always worth adding some kind of visual illustration to make your presentation more appealing and to break blocks of texts.

We hope the ideas from this article will help you create better slides.

If you need one of these icons, they are all available within our collection of PowerPoint icon sets. Check the subscription access to InfoDiagram (learn more). This will allow you to download any icon from our symbols library.

Other business concepts visualization ideas

If you search for other ideas to express, check the Concept Visualization List blog post that we are creating. See if we can help you make your next presentation more intuitive and memorable.

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