Why visualization by diagrams?

Last Updated on January 17, 2022 by Anastasia

Why using diagram visualization is better than a plain text? Firstly, let’s identify what a diagram is.

Diagram – it’s a simple image than can be used as a graph visualization or an eye catcher. It allows us to present work process or charts without any effort.

The reasons to use diagrams instead of plain text are very simple:

  • they are fast to read and get the main ideas
  • diagrams are easy to create
  • it is the fastest way to show the context clearly

We speak diagrams instead of words here:

why diagram ppt illustration infodiagram_65

Visualisation made in PowerPoint. Design elements from

You can use them at work, present on your website, you can show everything you want anywhere you want. Furthemore, they don’t need to be fancy. Simple ones are usually the best. See some examples below:

Venn diagram example ppt slide infodiagram
diagram tele health telemedicine powerpoint design infodiagram

Another point for diagrams is that people remember images better, than text (even if you are using bullet points).

See full narrated story why we think diagrams will rule a world 🙂

More ideas for presentation graphics

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