Presenting Timeline Using Infographics Diagrams

Do you have a presentation slide with some timeline or time sequence information? It can be a process description, a company history or a procedure explanation.
Here are some examples how you can change this text information into a visually attractive way.

Basically, all you need to do is to apply two steps:

1. Replace text by timeline diagram shapes

The simple trick is to separate time events from your text and put each one into separate shape.

You can use SmartArt tool for quick work or you can create your own shapes – this will look less default. For example set of simple rectangles or circles or combined shapes like the ones below:

2. Illustrate timeline shapes to create simple infographics

Having set of basic shapes in order, you can go on and add some illustrations – arrows, icons and graphical style to the shapes. So they create a nice compact simple infographics illustration.
Just keep it consistent. Use 1-2 fonts, one icon style (e.g. modern flat symbols or hand drawn pictograms) and consistent color palette.
Check the full presentation with timelines infographics diagrams and shapes, published on Slideshare below:

You can create such a shapes yourself from basic PowerPoint shapes. Or get the already

predesigned Infographics Shapes and Diagrams PowerPoint Slide Set from our webpage.

A friendly hint :): firstly get a free sample, there is a discount code inside.

Further reading on using diagrams instead of text slide:

This article is Part II of series “Replacing Text Slide with Infographics Shapes”. See other two parts:

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