How to Present Action on a Slide [concept visualization]

Hey, here comes our next concept blog, suggesting you can show express “an action”. ¬†Let’s start ūüôā

What do you associate with an action? Arrow, a moving person, car or a hand, making some kind of activity? The question is how to illustrate an action idea in an easy and understandable way in your document.

Visual Metaphors for Action – Modern and Neutral

For style-neutral graphics fitting to any presentation style, you can use a flat presentation icons like the ones below.

action ppt icon simple flat

Ideas for pictures representing an action concept:

For Creative Style – Unique Hand Drawn Action Symbols

If you want your presentation to be more outstanding, get informal. Go for a creative hand drawn symbols. Such a style is more personal and unique. The diagrams are all sketch-inspired and handmade by infoDiagram designers.

action ppt creative icon scribble

The diagrams are all handmade by infoDiagram designers. Here are icons you can use speaking about action:

Handwritten Doodled Action Icons – Sketchnoted Style

For even more informal and unique style of the slides, you can use doodled icons, which will make your presentation awesome ūüôā

action ppt icon doodle sketchnote

Doodle symbols library for sketch noting creative slides design in Powerpoint, representing action concept:

  • a starting point to show the beginning of all your future process or just one milestone
  • handset and running person – to represent actions, that have to be taken
  • arrows for showing a progress
  • a star to grab people’s attention or express action towards something new

As we see, there are many possible ways to present taken or future actions. Go beyond using only standard shapes like arrows or stars. They look so obvious and boring. ūüôā

More concept icons ideas

Need to show another concept in a presentation? Operations, Strategy, Flexibility, Growth you name it.

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A question for the end, what style from above do you like the most?
A simple flat? Scribble icons? Or Doodle ones?

Let us know in the comments. It’ll tell us what new PPT designs we shall work on.

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