How to Present Synergy on a Slide [concept visualization]

Teamwork, harmony, synergy… How often do we hear these words in contemporary companies? Several, if not dozens of times a day. We are told to work together with our colleagues with combining effort, even if sometimes we don’t want to ūüôā

Synergy concept frequently appears over various corporate slideshows, market analysis reports but also in soft-skills contexts such as giving feedback training presentations.

According to Wikipedia, the word ‘synergy’ comes from the Greek language, and means “working together”. We hear and use this word very often, but how we can show it when we are talking about interaction or cooperation?

If you want to make your team believe synergy is important, use means to attract attention to this idea. Here are our ideas for showing this concept.

Modern Style, Neutral Symbols for Synergy

synegy icon ppt simple flat

Above are icon examples from our style neutral flat icons collection. You can find there a bunch of ideas for synergy, for instance:

Creative Style Hand-made Synergy Symbols

synergy concept creative scribble

Similar to our modern collection, our creative style presentation diagrams rely on the symbolism of synergy being interpreted as:

Simple and Hand Made Match Icons

After brainstorming about synergy concept, we came up with the idea, that synergy¬†and match are closely connected. If there is no smart and right matching¬†process, synergy can’t exist at such place or between people.

synergy concept match ppt simple scibble

Some ideas on how you can show match in your slides:

Further Inspirations

Need to show another concept in a presentation – Strategy, Innovation, Flexibility and more.

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