One Picture to Rule Them All – Concept Visualization List

List of visual metaphors to use to present a business concept in a presentation slide, report or an article.

Want your presentation to be remembered longer? More eye catchy? Adding a graphical symbol builds a stronger mnemonic association in our brain.

However, some business concepts are hard to visualize. That’s why we decided to put together this list.

“These are ideas I collected over last years of presentation design practice.
I hope it will inspire you by our picture ideas. 
peter cofounder presentation designerEnjoy:)”

Peter Zvirinsky
infoDiagram co-founder, presentation design consultant

List of business concept visualization topics (continuously updated). Click on the picture to see dozens of concept icon ideas.
All mentioned symbols are available in one of our presentation sets.

To stay updated about new concepts, follow us on infoDiagram Youtube channel or my Slideshare channel.

Concept Visualization Examples

Icon symbols

Some examples of symbols you can use for example for Action or Synergy concepts

action ppt icon title hand person

synegy match ppt icon title




Slideshare slideshows

Or see the Slideshare show for presenting a Strategy idea:

As dynamic Youtube movie

Or a Deadline metaphor:


Resources: All images are courtesy of For partnerships and cooperation, contact us.

Need to Show Another Business Concept in a Presentation?

Share your visualization challenge in comments and we’ll propose ideas of how you can illustrate your concept in your presentation text or charts.

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