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Get rid of bullet-points. Three creative list presentation ideas

Do you use lists and agendas often in your presentations?

I bet the answer is yes. What is more: we use them every day, and not only at work. There are projects plans, TODO lists, priority checklists and a lot more. Let’s get creative and go a little bit further than creating regular lists. Here are a few creative alternatives you can use to replace default bullet point enumerations in your presentations.

See our fresh collection of Infographics Templates, which contains 211 editable diagrams, including various list designs:

Flat Infographics Collection

I believe you are tired of bullet points and simple lists as same as I do, so why don’t put a touch of originality to our slides? That way it is possible to create a more engaging presentation and, of course, impress your audience 🙂

Three Creative Ways of Presenting a List

The general idea is to replace each item in bullet point by visually more attractive design. Below we propose several different shapes you can consider. I suggest using shape type and colors that fit the most your brand or graphical style you use in your marketing materials. Check your company brand book or website design.

1. Arrow-shaped Templates – Dynamic Style

One idea is to replace bullet points by series of arrows. You can use one color or several ones for each item. These arrow-shaped lists are good to express dynamic style. They grab quickly attention to the certain point:

flat ribbon arrows list example

You can apply your brand colors to the lists, as the arrows are PowerPoint editable shapes. Additionally, you can enrich the main points by adding a symbol for each item. Download the collection here:

Pointed Rectangle Lists Collection

For ideas on how to choose symbols, check this blog: One Picture to Rule Them All – Concept Visualization List

Here’s the example of project plan checklist, illustrated with icons:

project plan list example icons

2. Circle Strip Lists for Smooth, Perfection Style

Okay, but what if we will get through pretty standard arrows to something more original but at the same time good-looking? Our designers were thinking a lot and here’s the result:

circle strip ribbons example ppt

Looks more attractive than a text list, doesn’t it? 🙂

Replace boring bullet points in your agenda with colorful or mono-color lists with circles aside:

Circle Strip Lists Template

These rounded shapes can be used to represent values of something stable, friendly, something ideally shaped, perfect.

3. Teardrops Lists to Combine Dynamics and Perfection

‘Okay, – you would say, – but if I want to use arrows, but also like the idea of ideal round shapes? Then I have to advise you teardrops – a combination of arrows and circle together. This is a really good way to design eye-catchy slides without special knowledge and efforts:

teardrops lis example agenda

You can use teardrop lists for your investor pitches, market research reports, HR, strategy and planning presentations.

Apply list diagrams for comparisons or longer agendas, place as many items as you need. Check the lists set here:

Teardrops Lists Collection

Attractive lists can greatly refresh the overall slides look 🙂

Source of presentation list designs

If you like the list diagrams above, check the particular presentation slides set (click on slide picture to see details).

All list collections include:

  • pre-designed variations of flat lists diagrams
  • text placeholders for listing a set of items with list title, for agendas, comparisons or other enumerations
  • a bunch of universal flat icon symbols for infographics. For example a man, thumbs up, magnifier for analysis or search concept, bullseye for objectives and goals concept, calendar, institution, mobile telephone, data chart symbol. So you can show all the activities and actions you need. You can add more icons exploring this Simple PowerPoint Icons Library
  • fully editable style, size and colors

If you search for more ideas, here are some interesting articles you can check:

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