How to Present Taxes on a Slide [concept visualization]

A question – how would you present taxes (or how did you if you already had such presentation) on a slide without any words?

Illustrating tax policy and taxation concept can be tricky. What do we imagine, thinking about taxes? Money, declarations, percents, calculator… Let’s dig deeper and use catchy images to show taxation

Taxes can appear very often when we’re talking about revenues and expenses while various company meetings, like accounting report, budget planning or financial strategy.

Modern Style, Neutral Symbols for Taxes

tax taxes flat simple icons ppt

Above we suggest several icon examples from our style neutral flat icons collection. Use them to illustrate your tax and finance presentation.

Click on a list below and see the source icon collection:

Creative Style Hand-made Taxes Symbols

taxess ppt handwritten creative symbols

If you want to be more creative, use atypical hand drawn symbols for showing a tax idea. See the specific icon ideas below:

Which symbol style do you like most? Neutral icons or handwritten symbols? Share in the comments.

Further Inspirations

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