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How to Create a Modern Looking Sales Chart in PowerPoint [slide makeover]

Preparing for a finance presentation? Or creating a sales chart for Your quarterly report? If you need to express a finance or sales topic, read on. We gathered several visualization ideas how you can illustrate a financial concept on a slide.

Words or Icons on a slide: Who Wins?

If you want your presentation to be readable and quickly understandable, go for visual symbols. Here are a few benefits of adding a pictogram image to your slide:

  • using consistent style icon set gives the professional look to your documents (let’s assume you will not use an outdated cliche picture of 3D stick figures, but some modern images).
  • illustrating the specific key concepts by icons in your report with help your audience to focus on those illustrated important parts.
  • the presentation or article will be readable because a picture next to text will create a longer memory of the topic in the mind of your audience.

Note: All presented slides can be found in the Outline Business PowerPoint Icons Bundle.

Visual Symbols Ideas for Finance & Sales Concepts

We grouped the symbols into four groups by topics:

  1. Finance and Money: can be expressed by a sack of money, symbols, which associate with income and expense
  2. Retail and Pricing: price tag, shopping cart and a virtual shop can help you illustrate such concepts
  3. Payments: credit card, wallet or ATM machine
  4. Savings: classical insurance umbrella or credits associated with a piggy bank

finance sales money savings bank powerpoint

By the way, notice the design of this agenda slide above – to inspire you, as well. We used a white color of outline icons on a plain blue background, to get an effect of light graphics. Remember to keep the consistency and alignment of slide elements (read why in this article) to keep your presentation professional.

Example of the Sales Chart Redesign

I hope I already gave you some inspiration to use icons more 🙂 Let’s see how it works on a real example.

finance sales chart makeover example poweporint

Here are 3 steps for making an eye-catchy sales and financial charts:

1. Replace data from text with a data chart.

We used a simple pie chart, but choose the diagram type which is best for your data: pie charts are good for market share data visualization, bar or column charts are better if you have more categories and you want to show more precisely data values differences.
finance chart makeover example ppt

2. Add colors to make the chart more visual, show key data values.

We chose blue and green colors as they look good together, keeping still high enough contrast. Express data values by bigger font, so your audience will not have trouble reading it from far.
finance chart makeover example ppt

3. Add icons and simple design elements to create a visual association with these sales chart categories.

In our case, these are icons of the online and physical store and a small background shadow on the chart to make look less default.
finance chart makeover example ppt icons

3 steps to change a text slide to an attractive diagram:

As you see it’s not a rocket science to do. Sometimes a simple procedure like this will help you create much nicer presentation even if you are short in time.

finance chart step-by-step makeover ppt

With such charts you can express any information: sales performance of your company; monthly or annual KPIs; cash flows or payment systems changes.


If you enjoyed the blog and want to try talking visual language, you can get the symbols collection we used (or subscribe and get slides every month for your needs):

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