How to Illustrate Weakness in a Presentation [concept visualization]

How to Illustrate Weakness in a Presentation [concept visualization]

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Do you need to talk about the idea of weakness in your presentation? Get some inspiration in this blog on how to express the weakness concept visually. Icons will help you transform your ideas into professional-looking graphical content and you’ll save much time on searching for the right visuals.

Elegant and light outline symbols for presenting the weakness concept

Weakness concept icons symbols outline for PowerPoint

Above you can see the icon examples in a light thin line style. Such symbols can be a stylish and modern addition to your slides, and they won’t steal the attention from the main ideas. The weakness idea can be expressed by one of these icons:

  • a broken link or a broken bones as a metaphor of the weak object 
  •  X-mark as a general fail symbol
  • a male/female head with a speedometer illustrating the mental slowness
  •  a chart with trend down highlighting weak results
  • a low battery as a symbol of the power lack
  •  a scapegoat as a symbol of the inability to protect itself or being weak
  • a hospital bed as a sign of illness which lead to a weak state 

Presenting weakness idea by universal-style icons

Weakness concept icons symbols universal for PowerPoint

This flat style is a simpler one but also more universal and visible even if the icons are small. Below we suggest some ideas you can consider:

  • a cigarette and a glass of wine presenting  addiction and human weak sides 
  • thumbs down as a general picture of failure and bad results 
  •  chart with an arrow going down illustrating slow, weak results
  •  a minus and X-mark signs

Illustrating weakness concept ideas with creative graphics 

Weakness concept emotions icons for PowerPoint

To design more unique and personal slides, use creative symbols to show the weakness ideas:

  • glass and the bottle of wine emphasizing the topic of smoking, drinking or addiction 
  • a male/female figure with a dizzy head 
  • thumbs down a general picture of failure
  • minus sign or X-mark showing subtraction or loss 

We hope you find some inspiration from those icon ideas to express the concept of weakness. 

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More concept icons ideas

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