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How to Express the Idea of Improvement in a Presentation [concept visualization]

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Do you need to illustrate good results, growth, or some kind of a positive outcome? It can be challenging if you want to express an improvement concept with only one simple yet eye-catching, intuitive graphics.

Here are a few symbol ideas you can consider to visualize this abstract concept of something “improved” in our slides.

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Use light outline icons to visualize the improvement concept

Modern, universal improvement concept visual metaphor icons make impactful presentations. They can help in communicating lots of information on a single slide.. See our ideas for improvement concept visualization:

 Improvement outline concept ppt icons symbols ideas
  • thumbs up as a metaphor for a positive change
  • career ladder as a symbol of development
  • data chart represents growth
  • money with a chart to show growing profits
  • chart with cogs or document with cog and checkmark to call to mind the process of improvement
  • adding elements to a whole symbol can show enrichment and continuous improvement

You can find all the icons mentioned above in a collection of Outline Icons for PowerPoint, which we have designed over the last few years.

Improvement concept ideas expressed by style-neutral flat PPT symbols

Universal flat icons will help you reach the consistent look in your presentation and are appropriate for many organizations. Check out the icons we suggest to illustrate improvement concept ideas:

improvement concept ppt flat icons
  • rocket launch, done symbol are all useful visuals for showing positive outcome, success, or achievements
  • the puzzle can represent perfection or completeness
  • use a paintbrush to illustrate the correction
  • ok check symbol can be used to express the agreement and cooperation
  • happiness, satisfaction can be showed by a smiley face
  • plus and increase as common metaphors for improvement and growth
  • repainting, facelifting, redesign to visualize the idea of something new and improved
  • the gauge can illustrate better results
  • continuous loop as a never-ending improvement process

These and many other symbols are part of the Simple Flat PowerPoint Icons Library.

Use hand-drawn improvement icons for personal touch slides

Hand-drawn scribble icons are great for presenting to audiences and organizations which value creativity. The icons we designed in this style are high-energy and fun. See what visualization will best suit your audience:

Improvement scribble hand drawn powerpoint icons
  • smiley face as a symbol of personal improvement and growth
  • plus can be applied to explain the adding value concept
  • use tool icons to show fixing and adjusting for better results
  • a handshake can help your audience visualize agreement or a new better state

You can find the above visuals in the Scribble PowerPoint Symbols Collection.

Whether you prefer a more universal or scribble style, or you’re just looking for inspiration, it’s worth using graphics to support your presentation. Icons and diagrams can help you represent the key ideas better than bullet points and text boxes.

We hope those ideas of the improvement concept illustration will help you create a presentation that effectively passes the message.

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