Using icons for illustrating Keynote presentation on business planning [Slideshare]

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Here’s an example of how our icons were applied for a presentation made in Apple Keynote.

The presentation gives simple hints on how to plan six months ahead of your business.

Its author, Mike is a business advisor and co-founder of Rebels Agenda business planner. We were helping Mike with adding some illustrations to his slides – notice the simple flat style icons there :).

It was a rather small task, requiring only a dozen minutes (not counting the design of new icons). The icons give a nice touch to the presentation and distinguish it from all other “Picture & Short text” types of slideshows on Slideshare.

See the full presentation slideshow on Mike’s Slideshare:

  See it on Slideshare: 6 actions your business cannot miss.

By the way, I see more and more of these “big picture” type presentations on social media. Don’t you?
They are rather easy and fast to prepare. Such presentations usually include two types of elements – big background images of high quality and short text messages on each slide.
Strong photographs create a nice emotional background. There is still a place for simple icons, to create a visual association with the slide topic. Here we added six pictogram icons for each of the six main points.

A technical note: the presentation software used in the case of Mike’s presentation was Apple Keynote. Keynote can import PowerPoint file format without problems. So all our editable vector icons remained editable and sharp also in Keynote.
Thanks to that, Mike could adapt the icon to the black background of his slides.
There was no need to export icons to a bitmap format, as we would do in the case of other presentation software such as Prezi or Canva, that doesn’t support external vector images.

PS. If you are interested in similar illustrations for your presentation, let me know, best via contact webpage.

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