How to Visualize Customer Segment in Presentation

If you work in an company handling numerous customers, customer insight is an important part of your work. Customer segmentation of a way that helps to personalize approach to customers even if there are many of them. Identifying customer segment and profiles is a tool not to treat all clients as the same. Because we are not the same. We differ by age, interests, value, purchase frequency … .

Three tips for illustrating customer segment

To help you visualize different segments, we created a presentation illustrating how you can present various segments using various avatars, colors, assigning them labels.

I saw companies using various segmentation approaches. Some pretty simple – only based on customer demographics such as age or country. Some more complex, e.g. RFM based segments, based on purchase Recency, Frequency or Monetary value. Or name the segments by the importance of a client (VIP, Gold segment, Silver, Bronze…).

And some pretty sophisticated segmentations – using also predictive customer lifetime value or some statistical scores for each customer. For that, you usually need more advanced analytics, but it can be worth it. Especially if you have thousands of customers and you want to treat them personally.

The three visualization tools you can use are:

  1. Customer segment specific avatar icons for each customer profile
  2. Color coding differentiating specific segments
  3. Adding flag labels to the segments – for example a call-out speech bubble shape

In the case of presenting the segments, for market analysis or sales strategy, it’s good to visualize each segment. If you have a separate icon for each client profile – that’s great.

Additionally, if you have editable vector icons, you can recolor them for each segment.

However, having several segments it’s not always easy to have an icon for each one. Unless you have your own designer in a team.  But you can just add visual labels – a simple flag with your text:

Alternatively you can use not a people icon, but symbol representing the client group, e.g. sack of money icon. See this infographics I created in a PowerPoint:
simple icons infographics money sack ppt

More customer segment examples

Check my Slideshare presentation with more examples how you can create illustrations of various customer segments:

Sources of presentation graphics from the examples: 

Have a suggestion for a new segmentation graphics? Let me know.


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