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Presenting Added Value in a Presentation [How to visualize a concept]

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Creating a value of some kind is the essence of every business. It can have a form of a specific product manufactured by a production company or a service that provides an added value to our life. It can be also an abstract value such as know-how created by a consulting firm or wisdom taught by an educational institution.  However, I see that people are often are having hard times to illustrate such value in their marketing and sales presentations. How to express a general concept of “added business value” in your presentation?

I’d like to share a few ideas for making a presentation slide where you talk about the values your company creates. I’d suggest you use a simple picture, an icon that your audience will connect to the value you provide.

Here’re some slide examples:

presentation added value symbol powerpoint

Visual metaphors for Added Value

Illustrate added value symbol – by showing something precious, a diamond symbol or a pearl picture perhaps. Something we use as a label for valuable things – it can be also a certification stamp symbol or a ribbon icon.

Check icon ideas from flat icons collection – suitable for style-neutral graphics fitting to any presentation style:

 added value symbol ppt presentation

Or dare to be different, get informal and go for a creative hand drawn symbol. Such a style is more personal and unique:

 added value symbol ppt presentation

Do you have another idea you want to illustrate in your document?

Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear back from you.

Got stuck how to show something on a slide? Here’s help. Share your visualization challenge in comments and we’ll propose ideas on how you can illustrate your concept in Your PowerPoint presentation texts or charts.

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