How to Present Risk on a Slide [concept visualization]

Need to present risk concept in your next presentation? We see this concept to appear often in market analysis presentations such as SWOT evaluations, PEST model, or Porter Forces analysis. Risk management is another obvious area in the content of finances or various technical sectors. However, also start-up pitch presentations use risk ideas in the slides about potential market risks.

Visual Metaphors for Risk – Modern and Neutral

Check icon ideas from flat icons collection – suitable for style-neutral graphics fitting to any presentation style.

risk ppt flat icons

The collection features a variety of different approaches to representing a risk (click on links below to open a view of the specific PowerPoint icons):

For Creative Style – Unique Hand Drawn Risk Symbols

If you want your presentation to be more outstanding, get informal. Go for a creative hand drawn symbols. Such a style is more personal and unique.

risk icons creative doodle

Similar to our modern collection, our creative presentation diagrams rely on the symbolism of risk being interpreted as:

Do you have another idea you want to illustrate in your document? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear back from you.

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