Presenting 4 basic Financial Management and Accounting Concepts

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For a long time, we’ve been collecting ideas and thoughts from financial managers and accountants, and here’s what we’ve come up with. In this post, we’re sharing alternatives to the money signs and banknote symbols ūüôā

Creating a financial presentation or report? Or even if you have only several slides showing financial results, leaving bold numbers and plain tables is not the best decision.

Key Concepts of Financial Management and Accounting include Risk, OPEX, CAPEX, and Value

To bring these concept ideas to life, the good idea is to use the power of visual language and apply icons and diagrams in the presentation. Some of our favorites are pictured below. Check icon ideas from the flat icons collection Рsuitable for style-neutral graphics fitting to any presentation style or get informal and go for the creative hand-drawn symbols. Such a style is more personal and unique.

Financial Concept #1: Risk Management

risk management prevention finance pptIn the context of risk, we propose using caution and danger symbols, the associations with extreme weather and brutal force. More usual icons like stop signs, question mark and exclamation point, a skull, and crossed bones will suit better to more formal presentations.

More ideas on presenting risk: ‘How to Present Risk on a Slide’.

Financial Concept #2: Operations and OPEX

opex operational expenditures ppt

The OPEX icon collection includes general icons like interacting wheels, cycled diagrams, and arrows, and more specific ones such as a communication icon of a call center person, and combined pictograms – e.g. a hand with wheels to show operational services.

Those images will bring freshness to your slides or financial report. Grab some inspiration here: ‘How to Present Operations, OPEX’.

Financial Concept #3: CAPEX and Investment

financial concepts capex capital investment capital ppt

It is crucial to choose the right way to present your investment ideas to the board of directors or investors. The most understandable way we have discovered to illustrate complex investment ideas is to find a simple picture or icon rather than trying to capture or construct a complex flow chart or similar graphics.

See particular icon examples in this post: ‘How to Present Investment, CAPEX’.

Financial Concept #4: Added Value

value added financial concepts presentation symbols

We’d like to share a few ideas for making a presentation slide where you talk about the values your company creates: pearls, diamonds, and certification signs are common associations and will suit any presentation style.

Value¬†concept icon ideas: ‘Presenting Added Value’.

Pictures rule!

You’re still doubting about using images and making presentations less boring? Then few more reasons to assure you:

  • Icons are incredibly diverse
  • People respond to imagery
  • Symbols can be recognized universally
  • Images are a necessary tool for developing¬†strong associations

Missing inspiration and ideas for illustrating other financial concepts, apart from risk, OPEX, CAPEX, and value?

Check our ultimate Concept Visualization List blog series

 Which of these financial terms do you use most often? Leave us a comment.

p.s. Hint from our designers: do not hesitate to use one picture to rule them all ūüėČ

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