5 Tips to Boost Your Presentation Slides

Last Updated on July 12, 2023 by Anastasia

One of the key lessons we learned when working with presentations is that people catch visual information way faster than a bold text.

Here we’d like to present you a few proven ways how you can transfer a text information to strong visuals. Follow these five tips – to boost the energy level of your slides the same way the coffee wakes you up in the morning :).

Check out the YouTbe tutorial to boost your presentation slides and read on to see a detailed explanation of every step:

Tip #1 and #2 – Get rid of bullet points and apply diagrams

Take a quick look at this picture. Observe how easily a set of simple shapes can make a boring list catchy and interesting to look at.

creative ppt ideas bullet points

creative ppt ideas bullet points timeline

Or another example: how ribbon shapes, colors, and icons can freshen up the slide:

shape ppt list bullet point

shape ppt list bullet point ribbon

If you can’t remove bullet points from the slide (e.g. you’re presenting an agenda and want to keep it in a flexible list format), check out this blog article Three Creative List Presentation Ideas.

Tip #3 – Give your SmartArt diagrams a creative look

Yes, PowerPoint’s SmartArt diagrams can be truly helpful. They are pretty easy to apply and create. However, their default look is not very attractive. You can be more original and add a creative style to SmartArt:

do-it-yourself diagram smartart ppt

do-it-yourself diagram smartart ppt

If you are about to prepare presentation slides for a more serious meeting, the problem can also be solved this way:

central list diagram ppt

Tip #4 – No more boring default data tables

Pleeease, no more black-and-white numbers in simple default tables. Such data presentation shows all data as equally important – and that’s seldom the case. When you present a data, your slide should indicate a story, show visually the meaning of data:

  • illustrate the content by icons,
  • express good or bad numbers by colors,
  • clearly tell

Here’s an idea how you can show visually a numeric data e.g. survey results:

statistics data presentation example powerpoint budget

Some people can be surprised, but in PowerPoint, there is a possibility to create totally awesome things. Like these tables:

presentation table makeover powerpoint

Check out four easy ways you can use to quickly change default data tables to more attractive table graphics.

Tip #5 – Make your main idea stand out

Very often our presentations are overloaded with information. For listeners, it is just impossible to remember everything. That’s why the good idea is to remind them about the main point or idea. Below are several unique ways to make your main message be remembered:

main idea message ppt clipart

Got the idea now? 🙂 To sum it up:

Follow these steps to freshen up your presentations:

  • Use colorful shapes and simple infographics instead of text-only bullet point lists.
  • Creatively facelift your SmartArt diagrams, so they don’t look more attractive.
  • Apply an innovative way of showing numbers and statistical data. Enhance default tables and charts look.
  • Make sure any content you add to your slides is clear and concise. Use a paraphrasing tool to smooth your writing out for better readability.
  • Last but probably the most important slide design suggestion – highlight your main idea visually, so it catches the attention of your audience.

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