7 Recommended PowerPoint Templates for HR Presentations

Working in the human resources department of middle or bigger companies involves effectively communicating various HR processes, and analysing & presenting organizational structures. Explaining these rather complex HR concepts can be a lot easier when you use clear visuals.

For you, we’ve handpicked some recommendations of PowerPoint slide deck examples that can be a source of graphical inspiration for you.

You can get any example presented here as editable PPT files. Click on the slide pictures to see and download the source illustration. Check the full collection of Human Resources PowerPoint templates here.

Let’s explore our selection of presentations covering the major HR management presentation topics:

  • HR Metrics Dashboards with PowerPoint Data Charts
  • Recruitment, Selection, and Hiring Processes
  • HR Talent Management Concepts
  • Employer Branding Essentials
  • Payroll, Compensation, and HR Administration
  • Company Organizational Structure Charts
  • Company Roles and Department Structure

Dashboard Template with HR Metrics PowerPoint Charts

Do you need to report HR-related KPI metrics in a clear presentation? Show it in the form of a dashboard presentation.

An HR dashboard is a presentation type that visually displays major key performance indicators on one or more slides. Check this HR Metrics Dashboard Data Charts PowerPoint template with places for displaying the KPI measures. For example: employee profiles, remuneration structure, skills, or satisfaction. There you can find slides for reporting employee performance and retention, as well as HR project status and progress.


Where you can use those HR dashboards:

  • Presenting your employee skills matrix evaluating key competencies
  • Illustrate your recruitment & onboarding metrics
  • Visualize your remuneration changes year-over-year
  • Create your employee retention dashboard

Recruitment, Selection, and Hiring Processes PowerPoint HR Diagrams

If you want to present recruitment steps or the onboarding processes in a visually attractive format,  then have a look at this set of Recruitment, Selection, and Hiring HR diagrams.

Using creative visuals for illustrating the steps to fill the job post helps you to communicate those processes to your peers.


You can use these HR presentation graphics to:

  • Illustrate the overall process of hiring employees 
  • Show the candidate selection roadmap
  • Visually compare  hiring journeys with or without pre-onboarding

HR Diagrams for Presenting Talent Management Concepts

This is another HR area that can benefit from using a visual method of communication. If you need to present talent management processes, check this pre-designed HR Talent Management slide deck

It includes layouts for presenting talent management definition,  performance process cycle, and goal management from an organization and individual perspective, and more.


You can use it as a library of eye-catching diagram templates to explain HR concepts within your organization. Also, check our icon ideas to illustrate talent management, even 1 symbol can make a difference to your slide.

Employer Branding Essentials Presentation

If you are working with employer branding frameworks and roadmaps, explore this Employer Branding HR Process Diagrams PowerPoint template. It includes a dozen diagram slides to illustrate the process of employee life-cycle or employee value proposition.

A well-designed employer branding roadmap helps to implement relevant activities for improving the employer’s image.

employer-branding-process-hr-diagram-ppt-template HR diagrams

Examples of using Employer branding graphics:

  • Presenting employer branding framework areas
  • Showing employer branding stages 
  • Visualizing employer EVP offerings (employee value propositions)

Payroll, Compensation, and HR Administration

Need to present a compensation and benefits scheme inside your organization?

Here’s a Payroll, Compensation, and HR Admininistration PowerPoint library of slide graphics covering these topics. 

There you can find editable diagrams illustrating benefits management, or salary determination and payroll processes.


These HR diagrams can be used in a broad spectrum of contexts:

  • Presenting the scope of HR administration management 
  • Showing and analyzing your company’s compensation and benefits scheme
  • Describing your salary determination process 
  • Visualizing stages of the payroll process

Template for Company Organizational Structure Charts

Do you need to quickly create a creative organization map in PowerPoint?

This Company Organizational Structure Charts slide deck includes company structure organograms as well as matrix management structures for several projects spanning multiple departments.

corporate-structure-org-chart-ppt-diagram HR diagrams

There are 16 pre-designed org charts editable in PowerPoint, for example:

  • Hierarchical organization charts with pictures of the CEO and department managers
  • Diagrams for flat organization structures, tree parallelograms, vertical and horizontal flow org charts
  • Hand-drawn matrix organizational charts for creative scribbled org chart
  • Vector icons for various roles, project teams, and company departments

Creating your own organizational chart in PowerPoint allows you to get a unique-looking org chart and make flexible changes to reflect organizational fluctuations. Replacing, adding, or removing a position or department is a matter of fast shape modification.

How you can use this template:

  • Clearly present the organization management flows, company size, and personnel structure.
  • Introduce people managing a company in a personal way, adding a person’s photograph or role icon only.

Company Roles and Departments PowerPoint Icons Collection

Need to illustrate various senior management roles or specific departments? Have a look at this presentation with Company Roles and Department Structure PPT icons

There you will find 32 outlined symbols of company positions such as CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, HR head, or Chief Sales Officer. There are also icons representing corporate product-related departments, sales-related issues, back-office, and various product development steps.


You can reuse the icons and organizational chart templates for presenting your company hierarchy, from the board through to the CEO and directors to specific department heads.

Feel free to explore these and reuse visualization ideas if they fit your work.

To Wrap Up

With help of those PowerPoint templates full of HR diagrams and role icons, you can enrich your existing slides or create a professional presentation from scratch. 

Thanks to the PowerPoint format you can edit all content – change descriptions, expand diagrams, replace icons as you need etc. 

Having such templates allows you to create your own do-it-yourself toolbox that can speed up your presentation preparation. You can also import those slides to Google Slides or Keynote presentation software if that is a presentation tool you use.

Resource: HR Diagrams and Templates for PowerPoint

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