Tips on how to edit infoDiagram graphics and save time on presentation design

Quick instructions and video guides on how to edit our graphics using PowerPoint tools.


  1. Icons replacing
  2. Diagrams editing
  3. Copying graphics into your presentation template
  4. Data charts editing
  5. Tables editing
  6. Changing color palette

1. How to replace an icon

Our graphics are editable – you can easily replace icon symbols if it does not fit you.

  1. Find a new icon you want to use e.g. from our icon sets present at end of the presentation or from a specific icon set product.
  2. Select that new icon and copy it to the clipboard [Ctrl+C]
  3. Go to the slide where you want to replace the icon.
    • Select the original icon you want to replace.
    • If the icon is grouped together with other elements, ungroup them first to select only the icon [Ctrl+Shift+G]
    • Remember the style of an old icon, using Format Painter [Ctrl+Shift+C]
    • Remove the old icon by deleting it
  4. Paste a new icon to the slide from the clipboard [Ctrl+V]
  5. Position the new icon to the desired place and apply the remembered style of the old icon using Format Painter [Ctrl+Shift+V]

Here you can see a video demonstration of replacing icons in PowerPoint:

More inspiration here:

2. How to add or remove diagram element

  1. Go to the diagram you want to modify.
  2. Select the diagram element you want to remove or multiplicate. To select the element you may need to ungroup the diagram first [Ctrl+Shift+G]
  3. Remove it, or copy [Ctrl+C] if you want to extend the diagram by the same element. Create a new element by Pasting [Ctrl+V] it as many times as many elements as you need.
  4. You may need to reposition the updated diagram, to be centrally positioned. To make it easier, select all diagram elements and group them together. Then adjust the position of the whole group.

Check this video on modifying our sample diagram graphics in PowerPoint:

More inspiration here:

3. How to copy graphics into your presentation

There are two ways you can use it:

I. If you want to copy only the slide content, not the whole slide:

  1. Go to the source infoDiagram slide. Select all graphics elements you want to copy.
  2. Copy selection to clipboard [Ctrl+C]
  3. Go to your presentation
  4. Paste selection from clipboard [Ctrl+V]
  5. If you want to keep the original style (colors), use Paste Special from the top menu [Ctrl+Shirt+V] & choose Keep Source Formatting
    paste special top PPT menu infodiagram

II. If you want to copy the whole slides:

  1. Go to the source infoDiagram slide. Select a slide or several slides you want to copy.
  2. Copy slides to clipboard [Ctrl+C]
  3. Go to your presentation
  4. Paste slides from clipboard [Ctrl+V]
  5. If you want to keep the original style (slide background, palette colors), use Paste Special from the top menu [Ctrl+Shirt+V] & choose Keep Source Formatting. Be aware this will add a new Master Slide Template to your presentation – so your presentation will contain various slide templates inside.

Read more here:

4. How to edit data charts in PowerPoint

This concerns all charts that are data-driven – that means they are MS Office chart objects (the same as Excel charts). Our decks usually have some additional graphics around them, like in the example below.

To edit such data chart:

  1. Select the data chart in your PowerPoint – by clicking the right mouse button on the data chart.

    editing ppt data chart menu infodiagram

  2. Select Edit Data from the pop-up menu. This will open an Excel sheet window with data you can edit. You can modify values there to change the data chart – you should see changes immediately. This data sheet is embedded inside the PowerPoint file, so it will be copied together with the chart.

    editing ppt data chart xls table infodiagram

Please note some of our data charts contain additional graphics that are not data-linked, so those need to be adapted manually. Unfortunately, that’s the price paid for adding atypical chart decorations, as MS Office charts have limited editing options.

See our guide video on how to edit Gauge shaped data charts:

5. How to add columns and change colors in the PPT table

Here’s a quick simple instruction on how you can edit tables.

To add a column to the table:

  1. Click on the table to select it
  2. and choose the top menu tab: Table Design / Layout / Insert Left or Right.
  3. You may need to adjust overlay shapes after that.

Replacing colors inside the table: it depends on the shape or table, but all should be easy to edit.

  1. Click on shape or table cell
  2. Choose a cell background color or shape fill color from the appropriate top menu
  3. Alternatively, you can change the whole presentation color palette in the top menu: Design / Variants / Colors

Read more about table design in PowerPoint:

6. How to change the color palette of the master in our PPT template

One way is to select the Design tab and change the color palette to one of the offered. Alternatively, you can customize your own. See the picture below:


Notice how the color of the top ribbon changes from orange to another color.

Optionally you do the same when you enter View / Slide Master / Colors in the Slide Master top menu:


More Inspiration

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