How to Present Service on a Slide [concept visualization]

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Have no idea how to present an idea of a service? Is a service or assistance topic of your presentation? Typically we see this concept to appear in a presentation

  • in agenda slides as one of the topics
  • in a title slide – if the whole presentation is about the service business

The service can be represented by basic graphics. You can use the most common symbols or go further and try to be more creative.

Modern Style, Neutral Symbols

service flat icon ppt modern

Above are icon examples from our style neutral flat icons collection. You can find there a bunch of ideas for service, for instance:

Creative Style, Clever Symbols

service icons ppt doodle scribble style

If rather than sleek and modern, your presented message or audience would benefit from a different approach, our creative hand drawn symbols have a less formal tone and can help you reach a broader audience. The diagrams are all sketch-inspired and hand made by infoDiagram designers.

Similar to our modern collection, our creative presentation diagrams rely on the symbolism of service. Beyond the diagrams we specifically intended to represent service, you can also combine multiple images to bring to life your specific conceptual needs. Here are icons you can use in the presentation:

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