(draft) Financial Reporting PPT Templates Bundle

Are you about to present financial report? Using only Excel tables may not the most engaging form. It’s better to showcase your financial results using engaging visual format – and PowerPoint is great tool for that.

Check our proposal of professional & eye-catching financial PowerPoint templates for various financial presentations. See below:

  • Specific presentation decks
  • Recommended bundles – with up to 30% discount – explore their content below:

Specific Financial Reporting decks


Financial Report & Performance Indicators

30 charts & diagrams,
$80, 1 user


Listed Company Report

32 charts & diagrams, $55, 1 user

Bundle 1: Financial Reporting and Planning Decks

As addition, you get this bundle of presentation decks for monthly to annual reporting and budget planning.

You can get them altogether at better price or separately – click on links below to explore.

Consider getting bundle of 4 templates for $204 and save $88.

Overview of 4 decks included in the Financial reporting bundle:

Annual Report Company Performance Presentation PPT Template

1. Annual Report Company Performance

35 charts & diagrams, 77 icons
$75, 1 user

Annual Budget Financial Presentation

2. Budget Presentation

38 charts & diagrams, 72 icons
$74, 1 user

3. Monthly Business Report

33 charts & diagrams, 50 icons
$58, 1 user


4. Town Hall Meeting

53 charts & diagrams, 95 icons
$85, 1 user

To get all 4 presentation templates together at better price – click on Bundle link above.

Bundle 2: Supportive Financial Reporting Decks

Here are additional recommended presentations decks related to presenting financial data.

Get them as one bundle at better price or separately – click on links below to explore.

Save with bundle of 7 templates for $189 and save $81.

Overview of 7 decks included in the Bundle of supportive deck for financial reporting:

Corporate Business Plan PowerPoint Template slide deck

1. Corporate Business Plan with ESG Strategy

33 charts & diagrams, 51 icons
$54, 1 user

Balanced Scorecard Slide deck PowerPoint template

2. Balanced Scorecard Strategy

16 charts & diagrams, 39 icons
$36, 1 user

Data Dashboard Slide Layouts PowerPoint Template

3. Dashboard Layouts for Data Reports

31 charts & diagrams, 45 icons
$54, 1 user

Present Stakeholder Analysis with Creative Modern PPT Diagrams

4. Stakeholder Analysis Diagrams

13 charts & diagrams, 28 icons
$29, 1 user


5. Company Finance Data Charts

8 charts, 12 layouts, 13 icons
$29, 1 user


6. Table Designs & KPI Lists

26 tables & diagrams, 65 icons
$39, 1 user

Responsibility Assignment RACI Matrix ppt graphics executive presentations

7. Responsibility Assignment RACI Matrix

12 charts & diagrams, 43 icons
$29, 1 user

Get all 7 presentation templates together at -30% off :

Easy-to-adapt PowerPoint Templates

All content is editable using PowerPoint editing tools (move elements, change colors, data, text…).

  • decks contain data charts that are based on Excel sheets where you add your own financial data, and adapt business KPIs, trends, and categories etc.
  • when you copy the PowerPoint slides to your company template, the branding color scheme will adapt to your business’s palette.
  • ever deck includes a collection of financial icons in one consistent style to illustrate business finance terms (earnings, expenses, EBIT, profit, tax, debt etc), to help you to explain complex topics in an attractive and professional way.

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