50+ Abstract Business Concepts Visualized by Icons

We gathered visual metaphors you can use to present a business concept in a presentation.

Why it’s worth adding icon illustrations to your document? They make content more attractive and easier to comprehend. When you add an image to a term you create a stronger mnemonic association.

peter cofounder presentation designer

“These are ideas I collected over the last years of presentation design practice.
I hope it will inspire you with our picture ideas. 

Peter Zvirinsky
infoDiagram co-founder, presentation design consultant

Some examples:

Visualization of benefits concept (the links to these concepts are below):

or how to illustrate a competition:

Here’s a list of more abstract business concepts. Each leads to the article with icon examples. We are adding new terms over time.

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Got a proposal for next term to be visualized?

Share your visualization challenge in the comments or contact us using the chat icon below, and we’ll propose ideas of how you can illustrate your concept in your presentation text or charts.